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Discover Your Divine Worth

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This 8-step course comes with four trainings on how to gain self-love and see your Divine Worth, weekly lives and Q&A, plus a free mini session! Your Divine Worth Trainings: 1. Seeing Your Divine Worth Learning who you really are and why you are so important. You have Divine Worth!! 2. Overcoming Co-Dependency So You Can Find Yourself Find out what codependence is and how to stop it. Learn how to find your voice and who you truly are! 3. Stop People Pleasing by Setting Boundaries Find out what people pleasing is and learn how to stop it. We must learn to set healthy boundaries, and how to stop saying yes when your mind and body is screaming NO! 4. Troubleshooting Sabotage There will always be sabotage! Learn how to recognize and combat that self-sabotage. AND you get Weekly Lives with Q&A and discussions in the group! BONUS: You will also be getting a FREE Mini Session at the end of the course!

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Discover Your Divine Worth

Discover Your Divine Worth

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